Come to Holland!! From May to September 2023, if selected by Deworrying, you will come to Holland and learn and work with the best producers of large-scale events and festivals in the world!  

We work helping in more than 100 festivals and events such as DEFQON.1, MYSTERYLAND, INVICTUS GAMES, TOMORROWLAND, EMPORIUM, ELECTRIC FIREWORKS, TITANIUM, DOMINATOR, etc.

In addition, we are participants in the complete development process of a festival: entrance (ticketing), food & beverage, boneyard & machinery, site crew, decorations & signings, accreditations, artist handling, crew management, etc. From assembling it, through managing it, to finally disassembling it.


    • Amazing all-around productions in the Netherlands led by the Dutch Deworrying specialists.

    • An extensive training program to start your experience off. All day (and night) you will be inspired and taught what it takes to produce a large-scale festival. We will be learning, working, partying and growing as a team together.

    • The training program will be specialized on your strengths, goals and focus.

    • All different types of festivals during your stay in the Netherlands. You will learn all kinds of disciplines to become an all-round Deworrier.

    • A variety of coaches, training and lessons during your stay.

    • An international family that will guide, teach and love you throughout your personal process.

    • You will learn, work, eat and have fun on the side at the productions where you will work.

    • Several days in between productions to rest and enjoy the Netherlands.

  • A market conform salary! 



    • English speakers, men or women, who want to be the best large-scale event producers in the world.

    • We, Deworriers want to be taught about everything there is to know when it comes to events and how to produce them.

    • Deworriers that want to be leaders are dedicated, discreet and loyal. We want the mindset… we will teach you the skills.

    • Deworriers are people that will do whatever is necessary to get the project done, and are ready to party afterwards.

    • Deworriers that want to learn everything and take every opportunity to be the best version of themselves, you’re eager to learn and are willing to come to the Netherlands to learn everything about the festival world from the most experienced producers in the world.

We are a tight day & night group and we will fight for each other. 
The work we do is extremely tough. We work from 8:00 to 20:00 or even later some days… and we love it. Organizing festivals is our lifestyle. You need to watch out for a lot of aspects during the show.

Not only do you need to learn to lead groups of 20 to 500 people, or design a strategy for doing all production rental, but you also need to be just as okay with building the bars, the perimeter with fences, or working in the layover team. A 360º worker who can deliver everything that a production asks for.

If you are this person, or you have an interest in earning all these skills and you want the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the first Spanish Deworrying team in the Netherlands let us know! 

Last year we did the same… a group of 17 Spanish people with another 7 Mexicans and the dutch team, we all together rocked the summer. Are you ready to be a DEWORRIER?


The collection of applications is open from now on and will end on March 13, 2023.

During this candidate selection period, it is possible that you will be required to have interviews via video call, as well as some questions and information that we may ask you in order to get to know you a little more, your expectations and, above all, see your motivations.

The same March 13 (at the latest) we will inform you if you have been invited or not to the Training Week, and therefore you pass the first selection. If you have been shortlisted, you will attend our Training Week in Spain, which will mean the final selection among all those shortlisted to find out if you are finally chosen for this new adventure. The dates of said Training Week will be from March 20 to March 24 in Madrid. If you are not selected after Training Week, you will also know on March 24.

In case you are selected for the Training Week, we are waiting for you in the Netherlands on May 1 or June 1, 2023.


We need you to send us an email (click the button below) with this information about you:

  • Updated CV (Versions in Spanish & English)
  • Some information about you: A motivation letter; a video introducing yourself; or a recommendation letter.

We are excited to meet you, send your CV to us, and we'll schedule an appointment so we can know more about you. Festival season is coming, and we can't wait to see you perform within our team. Apply now!