East Nomads

A summer agenda full of events, a team that is ready for it. Then something happened that no one had anticipated. A pandemic. A sting for the events industry and that's how work came to a standstill for us in 2020. But I like to emphasize here, the work in the events came to a standstill, but we did not. We at Deworring like to think ahead and see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. 

Because the Dutchman went on holiday in his own country, we responded to this by setting up a luxury campsite. A campsite where you can experience the luxury and hospitality of a hotel, but on the other side you can walk through the grass and step straight from your accommodation into your hot tub. Unburdening flows through our veins and we wanted to do that for the guests of our campsite. Our mission was therefore, they arrive as guests but will leave as friends. As friends of the East Nomads campsite. 

Given the temporary nature of the campsite, a search was started for a suitable site. Fortunately, Deworrying's network is large and that's how we ended up in Aalten. A beautiful site that would be suitable for a campsite. But you don't just set up a campsite. Each accommodation would have its own sanitary unit with its own toilet and shower. In 1.5 months Deworrying has managed to lay down an entire infrastructure for sewerage and electricity. The campsite has been built from this base. 60 accommodations, 60 sanitary units, a restaurant, a backstage area for the crew, a kitchen, and all in the decoration we had in mind. You really had to imagine yourself in another world. Get out and enjoy the ultimate. 

Season 1 of East Nomads started in 2020. It was a resounding success and a second edition was therefore inevitable. In 2021, East Nomads returned to the same grounds. With last year's knowledge and experience, we were able to innovate even more. This is how accommodations have been added. Completely designed and built by myself. The accommodation lives up to the name: Dream Away and lying in your bed you can look at the starry sky through the glass ceiling. You can probably already dream away at the thought. 

In addition to the appearance, which we wanted to have in tip-top order both within the accommodations and on the grounds, everything falls and stands with the service. For example, we thought it was important to have a permanent basic team. A bartender who knows on night 2 that you prefer to drink your wine with ice. The same nice lady who brings you breakfast every morning. Fresh products from the region, are collected every morning in a basket right at your tent. The reception nomad already has the bicycle flyers ready for you because she knows that you are going on a tour at 11:00 am and the nice boy from the service secretly put some extra fries on your son's plate. 

Because of the feeling that we wanted to convey with East Nomads, many companies could identify with this. For example, your baby lay under a blanket from Little Dutch, our staff wore Witloft aprons and you could enjoy a mussel pan from Combekk. Together with these brands, we were able to make our concept bigger and stronger. 

Thanks to our experience in the event industry, we were able to make this a success and vice versa. For example, we build campsites for the larger dance events in Europe such as Tomorrowland. We are also strong in devising and developing concepts. 

In short, there is still plenty to discover, implement, and put down. 

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