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Safety coordination

Safety during a festival. It is one of the most important parts there is. In addition to the security and first aid that you see walking around the site, there is a whole world behind it that is 'invisible' to many people. 

If we look at Defqon.1, for example, where 80,000 people come to the site every day, an organization needs to ensure that this safely takes place. But to get 80,000 people to a festival and give them the experience they are used to from us, you also need hundreds/thousands of employees to get this done. 

All those employees work within different disciplines. Site, Catering, Security, Artist, Technique, First Aid, Cleaning & Production.
A security party, for example, puts away around 1900 shifts during such a weekend. All these people must receive somewhere, be given the right clothing and equipment, their start and end times must be recorded, they must carry out their work in the right way, be in the right place at the right time and be able to work pleasantly.

This is where we as Deworrying come in.
We do this through the following services: 

  • Reception Coordination 
  • Personnel Coordination 
  • Operational Coordination 
  • Central Positions (CP functions)
  • Safety coordination

Within these positions, we not only ensure the safety of the employee but also the safety on site and for visitors. We fill the key positions, where we can supervise the communication flows. Because Deworrying employs middle managers in several disciplines, we can switch quickly in many different situations.
Partly thanks to the clear walkie-talkie discipline that every employee within Deworrying is immediately taught, ensures a fast and efficient operation.
In recent years we have noticed that it is an advantage to have Deworriers working within different disciplines at 1 event.

After such show weekends, we drink a beer as a team to end the day. It's a fantastic feeling to know that all employees drive home satisfied, visitors felt the safety they deserve, and you were able to handle all reports and protocols smoothly with a gigantic team.
And it is precisely on those evenings that the beer tastes best!
It's time for bed.
Ready to start construction again.

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