King's Day, is the day when almost the whole of the Netherlands takes to the streets, the day when it's a party everywhere. This day always feels like the official opening of the season to us. Almost all our clients are involved in the events on this day in some way. This means that our agenda is filling up with […]

Defqon. 1

Safety coordination Safety during a festival. It is one of the most important parts there is. In addition to the security and first aid that you see walking around the site, there is a whole world behind it that is 'invisible' to many people. If we look at Defqon.1 for example, where 80,000 people go to the […]

Dreamfields Mexico

After the first successful year of Dreamfields Mexico, we are returning to the Netherlands with 10 mega enthusiastic Deworriers. From the Dutch organization, we were just able to set up Dreamfields Mexico in Guadalajara within a completely different culture with Dutch knowledge. From Deworrying we focused on catering production. We have shown as a team what we […]

East Nomads

A summer agenda full of events, a team that is ready for it. Then something happened that no one had anticipated. A pandemic. A sting for the events industry and that's how work came to a standstill for us in 2020. But I like to emphasize here, the work in the events […]

Leids Ontzet 2022 

Name Davy Laan Function: It's late Wednesday evening and the phone rings. My colleague calls me that a rush job has come in and that we have to switch gears quickly. here we go! This weekend there is Leids Ontzet in the center of Leiden. A major event with over 250,000 visitors within the […]