Our crew has all the certificates they could possibly need: VCA+, SHV, Forklift licence, Hydraulic platform and telehandler licence.

With the following specialty personnel we can fully vouch for our experience and we separate ourselves from our competition:

  • Meewerkende voormannen / project managers (met eigen teams) op gebied van site, horeca, deco, techniek, show: artist handling,, security, entry management, catering, site/decorations.
  • Forklift drivers
  • Operator 
  • Support coordinator
  • Boneyard, machines, production support.

Besides al this Deworrying also supplies al supporting and executing crew for the production at hand. 

To really Deworry operations at all our festivals and events we work in teams. These teams have one team leader – the Field Sherrif – who communicates with the organisor, producer and supplier that the team is working with/for.

Because every team is trained in multiple areas of work, we can aid wherever we are needed. If one of the areas is falling behind we then help each other out making sure that the entire process keeps running smoothly.

We work with the clients interest in mind. That’s why norms and values are of the utmost importance to us. We are honest, discreet and direct. This is the only way that we can work efficiently and have our clients best interests at heart.

You can hire us for:

  • You need an onsite production team
    • Accreditation of staff
    • Check and guarding of the entry
    • Machine control
    • Handing out tools and communication devices
    • Work preparation 
    • Notarising of production meetings
    • General onsite back-office proceedings
  • Je zoekt een zelfstandig team dat een of meerdere onderdelen van jouw evenement kan ontzorgen. 
    • Give us a blueprint and a suppliers list – that’s all we need.
  • You need to manage a great amount of staff.
    • We take care of accreditation
    • We take care of handing out gear.
    • We make sure the teams are ready to go
    • We take care of crew rotation, bathroom breaks, crew catering and so on and so forth. 

We know all there is to know. We make sure we Deworry you

What does Operations do?