Our Crew

Our crew consist of hard workers that all have an HBO (college) work and thinking level. Our Deworryers come from all over the Netherlands and all have the same drive and ambition to make every event a great success. We are like a family and take care of each other in that way. We feel that every step we take ourselves is one another crewmember doesn’t have to take and this resonates throughout everything we do.

Our team consists of a core of fulltime Deworryers with around it a team of flexible employees. Together we form a team that wants to work hard for each other, themselves and our clients.

Deworrying - not only the name of our company but it’s wat we do. For our clients we have skilled and experienced employees. They have the skills that you only get with knowledge and experience in the field and they all share that together. A recipe for success.

Fast, knowledgeable and hospitable and all this for a good price. That is the way to describe Deworrying. Thanks to our unique way of working you can always find us walking around with a big smile on our face at your (festival) grounds. We know what is needed, we know what working together can do and because of this we are fast and effective in producing the best result possible.

We stand for absolute quality and dependability, fast. During build-up, showday and breakdown we are constantly on the go taking care of and Deworrying our clients.

We are there for you! Please feel free to contact us.