The Deworrying service is aimed at the safety of organizations, producers, and suppliers and acting from the right interests with the right discretion. Assertive and Welcoming.

We like to worry about personnel, equipment, and visitors of large-scale events and festivals that are temporarily affected by a landslide. Our unique insurance in combination with our production and operation already ensures that we are enormously unburdened for organizers, producers, and suppliers during and after the project, but with our company Entrance Experts in the mix, we complete our services.

Entrance Experts sets the focus of its services;

Safety production 

  • Drawings 
  • Permit Routes
  • Safety plan 
  • Security plan
  • Production of outside and entrance area. (Drawings, Schedules, Quotations)  

Setting up and dismantling 

  • Entrance and barrier management 
  • Night surveillance 
  • CCTV 


  • Crowd Management / Show coordination / management 
  • Operator
  • CCTV 
  • Ticket scan and visitation 
  • Facility services 
  • Fixed posts 
  • intervention teams
  • Bikers 
  • Outside area 
  • Fire watch 

Entrance Experts is a company that not only meets all the necessary certifications but also has a training team that trains our staff. On Entrance-experts.com can read more about it here.


The reason Entrance Experts was created comes from:

A. The combination of expertise and experience from Deworrying and BMS Security. This ensures that you not only have a 100% focus on the safety of the event or festival, but that the effectiveness of the operation is leading in this.

B. We solve a problem in the market. We combine personnel types and specializations to put teams on our projects as effectively as possible. Because we do this for 95% of our personnel pool, we are extremely stable in our attendance. We also ensure the correct authorizations through our 'in-house' Academy, so we are not dependent on third parties.

C. We provide a total service that, from set-up and dismantling to show, unburdens the various layers of the organization. Production, operation, and insurance of our projects make us unique in our services.

We go welcome to the conversation to see where the parts of our services can best unburden you in your situation.

Wat doet Entrance Experts