*Do you see a party in everything, even when there are no parties?*

A real event organizer thinks about difficult times. Takes what he can get and is not afraid of a little challenge in life.

Are you sitting behind your laptop at home and are you now mega-motivated nodding along with this text? Then we are looking for you!

What Deworrying is looking for:

  • Future event managers who understand that you need to gain experience in every area to become a full-fledged event manager.
  • Rethinkers who want to turn every job into a well-oiled machine.
  • A chameleon in the company (one day you coordinate the traffic flows in a test street, the next day you make lonely elderly people happy with a Christmas package, the next day you are busy making our Coronaproof Glamping an even greater success for the coming season).
  • Enthusiasts with a spontaneous and sociable character.

What do we offer you:

  • Fresh air! (We will remove you from your home workplace and ensure that you can responsibly work in the open air)
  • Guidance in everything you can learn within the events industry.
  • We teach you to think creatively and show you how you can act as an event manager in different situations.
  • You are the first to be in the starting blocks when events are given again and you can exercise your passion together with Deworrying.
  • A very nice family of colleagues who will go through fire for you.

Are you ready for the best challenges in the most difficult period?
Then apply immediately to your possible new family member Kira (

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