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Hire the attitude, teach the skill.

Within Deworrying we have a number of different departments where you can join at different levels

The moment you are new to the industriy and want to learn quickly and good towards the producer you enter via operationsWe meet in the office or on a field and chat; if we all feel good you will be entered into the next possible production. On the field, you see if you can do something well and if you like it. You can continue if you are still motivated after that first production and we also have a good feeling about it. You can then start running your first productions, but you are still a prospect. Only after completing the annual training week can you call yourself a 'deworrier'. You start your way toward an operational manager or a specialism.

Even if you are with us apply as a producer we will ask you to start on the field. We want to know who you are and we see that best on the field. Because we have always been an operational company, the connection between the office and the floor is very important to us. That's why we want you to have the respect of the team when you go to the office to work out their schedules and projects.

Organizational is something else. We usually look for specialists for these positions. This means that we are not directly looking for people who want to organize events, but have a passion for financial, office management, project management, and HR management to name a few examples.

At the moment we would like complete the following positions before March 2023




These vacancies will be further elaborated on at the bottom of this page shortly. If you would like to have a conversation or request information about one of these vacancies;

Send your application letter + CV now to:
*Mention in the subject line: I WANT TO BE A DEWORRIER

You can also call +31 6 15599461 (Kira A.)

It's been a while, but Huibert (Founder and Lead Strategy & New Business) and Kira (Lead Operations & Staff Coordination) recorded a nice Podcast in Oct 2019 during ADE where the history, the current situation and the future of Deworrying being discussed.

Listen to the Podcast here…

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I am DEWORRIER. Organizing is in my blood. I like lists and to-do lists. In addition, I like to roll up my sleeves and I'm not afraid to get dirty. I do everything possible to complete my task and I prefer to do that in a close-knit team. Honesty and loyalty find […]


I am DEWORRYING CREW. I am very eager to learn and I like to support and unburden people. I can be deployed on various facets of a festival. I will do everything I can to make someone's work easier. I will always do all this with a big smile on my face. Hospitality is leading in […]


*Do you see a party in everything, even if no parties are given?* A real event organizer thinks about difficult times. Takes what he can get and is not afraid of a little challenge in life. Are you now behind your laptop at home and are you now mega motivated nodding along at […]